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Theodore is an original collectable Teddy Bear
hand made by me, Sasha Kleshcheva, in 2022.
He is 4" (10 cm) tall and fully 5-way jointed,
with cotter-pin joints in his neck, arms and legs.

Price guide: £54

No longer available for adoption.
Click here to to have one like Theodore made to order.

Theodore standing  Theodore standing

Theodore is made of traditional sparce mohair
with cotton inserts on his paws and inside ears,
and filled with polyfill and fine woodwool.

Theodore's face

He has English glass eyes set on matching felt inserts,
a hand-stitched waxed nose, a hand-stitched mouth...

Theodore's paws with the SB label

...and claws, and a special Sasha's Bears label on his paw.

Theodore sitting

Theodore is a nice
and hard-working young bear,
but he also has
a mischievous streak.

If you ever see him sitting quietly,
you can be quite sure
that he is planning a practical joke
to play on his friends.

If you look closely,
you can often see
a little smirk on Theodore's lips.
It means the planning is over,
and his next prank
will be unleashed any minute.

He is a proud owner of a label
with Sasha's Bears logo
and a Teddy-Bear Passport.

Theodore was adopted at the 2022 Goring Christmas Fair.

If you want a bear like Theodore but a different colour or size,
click here to have one
made-to-order specially for you.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a collectors' teddy bear for adults and NOT A TOY.
It is NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER FIVE because of small parts used!

Theodore creeeps up on Noah

Theodore's favourite prank is to creep up from behind
on his good friend Noah (who likes this game too)).

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