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28 May 2021
Big Ted before treatment Another patient checked out of Sasha’s Teddy Bear Hospital today and is now reunited with his adoring owner in London.

Big Ted, a lovely bear aged at least 50, was admitted a few days ago. He had quite a few holes all over - not from any ill-treatment but quite the opposite: he was well loved, and therefore carried around and hugged daily and nightly for many years.

He was on his best behaviour while on the ward, bearing patiently (pardon the pun) all the pricking and stitching.

He also made friends with some of my Teddies who help me around the Hospital.
Big Ted after treatment

3 May

This sensitive little bear is called Oliver.

You can probably see that he is rather shy, but he is also very kind.

So, if you are feeling down, he will overcome his shyness, pat you on the arm and sit next to you.

He may even say something very reassuring in that tiny voice of his (you have to listen really hard to hear it).

And then, believe me, you will immediately feel so much better!


31 March
Joseph & Gregory My latest two Teddies are cousins, possibly a few times removed)))

Joseph, on the left in this family album photo, is a bear who never ceases to be amazed by what he sees and hears.
His two great passions in life are the circus and long novels.
According to Joseph, his particular favourite is that great book by Thomas Bearr, Joseph and His Brothers.

His cousin Gregory is a nice bear, bubbly and easygoing, but often a bit confused.
He knows very well that there is definitely something he wants to do in life, but he cannot quite remember exactly what it is.

When Gregory feels even more confused than usually, he comes to Joseph for advice. He freely admits that his cousin, even if only slightly older, is much much wiser.

20 March

I would like you to meet my new Teddy. His name is Roderick.

He is a dapper little bear, kind, genial and very neat in his habits.

So why, you may ask, do his friends call him Nuts?

The answer is quite simple.

No-one, of course, thinks that Roderick is crazy. No, the nickname came about because he is, to put it mildly, rather partial to nuts and dried fruit.

Believe it or not, he even prefers them to such traditional bear delicacies as honey and... er... more honey)))
Roderick with with a bowl of nuts

23 January 2021

My Teddy Bear Hospital has just discharged its first patient of 2021. The patient, who will remain anonymous, was a much loved and very nice Teddy of a certain age (probably about 60).

He was admitted a couple of weeks earlier because he had lost his voice! My first task, therefore, was to give him his voice back. After he was admitted, a further ailment was discovered: a very sore left foot. This too given all due attention, and the Teddy eventually had the entire sole replaced. The process involved 'ageing' the patch so that it would not look out of place on a 60-year-old.

The Teddy has now been reuinted with his owner, who was very pleased to see him - and hear him too!

Anonymous Teddy Anonymous Teddy Anonymous Teddy

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