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Ronald is no longer available for adoption
but you can have one like him made to order - just
click here!

Ronald in the garden with his books

Ronald is an original collectable Teddy Bear
hand made by me,
Sasha Kleshcheva, in 2015.

He is made of sparse brushable Schulte mohair.


Ronald's head

He has black English glass eyes, a hand-stitched waxed nose,
and hand-stitched mouth...

Ronald's paws

...and claws.


Ronald is a bear
of considerable learning,
regarded by many as
the leading ursologist
of his generation.

He likes sitting in the garden
reading or writing,
and wherever he goes,
he always takes
a few books with him.

Ronald is 12" (30.5 cm) tall
and fully 5-way jointed,
with cotter-pin joints
in his neck, arms and legs.

He is filled with polyfill
and fine woodwool.

He is a proud owner of a label
with Sasha's Bears logo
and a Teddy-Bear Passport.

Price guide: £88.50

Ronald in the garden with his books


Ronald was made specially for the Ipsden Market in the Barn in September 2015.

If you want a bear like Ronald but a different colour or size,
click here to have one
made-to-order specially for you.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a collectors' teddy bear for adults and NOT A TOY
It is NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER FIVE because of small parts used!

Ronald opening a book
I sometimes feel that some of Ronald's books are a bit too big for him :)


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