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Adrian has now been adopted

but you can have one like him made to order - just click here!

Adrian standing on the table

Adrian is an original artist's Teddy Bear
hand made by me,
Sasha Kleshcheva, in 2012.

He is made of hard-wearing salt-and-pepper mohair

with upholstery inserts on his paws and inside ears.

Adrian's head

He has matt black English glass eyes,
a hand-stitched waxed nose, and hand-stitched mouth (hidden :) ...


Adrian's hind paw


...and claws.

Adrian is 12¼" (31 cm) tall
and fully 5-way jointed,
with cotter-pin joints
in his neck, arms and legs.

He is filled with
polyfill and fine woodwool,
with glass beads
in his legs.

Some have described Adrian
as a swot and a smartpants,
but this is grossly unfair.

He simply has
a thirst for knowledge
and likes reading
more than any other pastime.

He is a proud owner of a label
with Sasha's Bears logo
and a Teddy-Bear Passport.

Price guide: £84

Adrian with his paper


Adrian was adopted from Creative Crafts and Workshops in Reading.

If you want a bear like Adrian but a different colour or size,
click here to have one
made-to-order specially for you.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a collectors' teddy bear for adults and NOT A TOY
It is NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER FIVE because of small parts used!


Adrian sitting by the window

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